About Us

"The important this is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."  Albert Einstein

The one character trait that all of us here at BGA.International have is insatiable curiosity. Who is? Why are they? Who did that? Who helped that person? Curiosity, pulling us forward like a well trained world class Husky pack. You tell us your destination, and we will get you there. 
Curiosity leads to possibilities, and possibilities leads to opportunities.


Each of our partners come from a strong proven career in senior level executive search. We learnt and developed our skills in a world where finding the best individual is just as important as understanding what makes the best  individual. That is the only way to ensure that we find right individual. 

We have a successful pedigree of partnering with the leaders of industry, and UHNW individuals. We speak your language.


Our Partners are truly international, and operate globally. We understand that when it comes to helping our clients realise their personal ambitions and aspirations, the world has no boundaries. 


We are often asked what we specialise in. We have yet to have two mandates which have been the same so this is a question that demands a unusual response. We specialise in never giving up. We specialise in always finding a way. We specialise in thinking creatively. We specialise in continual learning and sharpening of our skills. We specialise in knowing that the difference between normality and excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. 

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