Like us, feel positive about recruitment.

What would it be like if all of your recruiting needs are delivered by one business? 

Whether fulfilling your critical hiring needs, or elevating your career to the next level, trusting BGA Executive will allow you to concentrate on what you do best, knowing that you have retained a partner with the skills, experience and proven track record to get the job done. 

We invite you to contact us for an initial conversation, because when you feel confident about your recruitment partner, you might find that you will have a greater opportunity to be successful.  

BGA.International asks one simple question 

Who do you need in your team to allow you to fulfil your potential?

Then we find them
Are you ready?

Being good is not enough to be the best

Executive Search (Head Hunting) is the only method there is to gain access to 100% of the individuals who can do the job you need delivered. A scientifically proven, systematic process that identifies all possible options, assesses each one for their individual merit, and using a robust clinical decision making process, recommends the best course of action for you. Sound familiar? Most successful businesses operate the same way, and recruiting should be no different.  .

Lasting Legacy

 Whether you need a permanent or contract solution, the core of our service does not change, delivering to you the information you need to make informed hiring decisions and helping you to manager your cost per hire and time to fill requirements.  

Tune in

Do we advertise? Rarely. Our experience tells us that we will always find those actively looking for a job. However, adverts rarely find people who are not actively seeking a new position, and they are often the people you need. Career and networking websites are a useful resource that compliments head hunting, but like advertising, they will only attract active job seekers, which is a quarter of the candidate base that headhunting is able to target. 
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